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The inspiration behind Mrs Mills dog products all began with The Edward Foundation. Mrs Mills (originally Millie but had such sass and Bulldog attitude that she was quickly renamed Mrs Mills) was an Edward Foundation rescue Bulldog adopted by Nikki Irvine who’s career background is beauty therapy (giving her the knowledge of how to create skincare products) Using her knowledge and love for her best friend she created Mrs Mills dog products which treat some of the main skin ailments Bulldogs suffer from (a dry nose, dry cracked paws, skin allergies and skin irritation) 


Nikki sadly lost her best friend Mrs Mills the Bulldog after a wonderful life together but she is at the heart of everything Nikki does with Mrs Mills dog products. Nikki always says “I’m forever thankful to The Edward Foundation as they’ve given me not only Mrs Mills but Miss Moneypenny as well” (Miss Moneypenny is Nikki’s 2nd rescue adopted from The Edward Foundation) 


Nikki thoroughly wants Mrs Mills spirit to live on through not only helping Bulldogs with their skin ailments but also helping the Bulldogs the Edward foundation rescues. This is why she has chosen to generously donate £1 for every Mrs Mills product sold back to the Edward Foundation

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We are a small family online retailer catering for everything your canine companion will need for a happy life. Our aim is to bring you ethological products made with 100% natural ingredients, packaged in recycled and recyclable materials

We have over 30yrs experience in the love and care of dogs, and more than 20yrs experience in the breeding world too. 

We would love to be with you and your loyal friend. Whether it be for the little things here and there or to be at your sides throughout the amazing journey of being owned by a wonderful pet.

We are always here with the personal touch, whether you are an existing customer or just 

browsing through. If you do not see what you are looking for please get in touch 

we may be able to help

Bespoke Wall Art

Sunday Dinner

Bespoke British Made Wall Art from Reclaimed timber...perfect personal gifts

Wax Melts & Luxury Bath Items


Our products and fragrance range is constantly expanding daily! All our wax melts are hand made to order here in beautiful Galloway South West Scotland in our purpose built studio with in the grounds of our 260 year old stone cottage. All our products are vegan friendly and not tested on animals 

Bespoke Dog Beds

Kaybull Dog Beds

Bespoke Dog Beds made to order to your requirements at very reasonable prices

Personalised Printed Items

Handmade Creative Creations

We are a small business who create personalised printed gifts and items. We can print your own photos/drawings too

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