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Happy New Year - Mr January

Get down Frank - Mr January

In June 2016 I was surrendered by my owners to The Edward Foundation, scared and unsure of what would happen next I was collected by Donna & Mark and spent the night with them. The next day we got in their van and travelled to a motorway service station for the start of my EF life.

I was handed over to Rhiannon & Andy who would be my foster family. They collected me in a motorhome and had a little bulldog with them, she gave me big licks so I decided this big scary motorhome wasn’t so bad and followed her in. I spent most of the journey glued to Mouldy, not really sure what was going to happen, it was dark and we travelled for hours to get to Kent.

We finally arrived at Frazzle Towers after midnight and there were more dogs to meet. Introductions done Foster Mam sent a message to De, Marion & Sam to let them know I had arrived safely.

Foster Mam said she was expecting a 16 month old asbo bulldog but instead she had a very frightened boy. I didn’t like doors being closed, or going out in the dark on my own, when I ate it went down the wrong way so Foster Mam had to hand feed me soaked kibble balls.

Over the next few days I was checked by the vet who said I was extremely healthy, couldn’t see any palate problems causing food issues and commented on how subdued I was for a 16 month old bulldog.

During my foster I led the foster folk a merry dance, with each day I felt safer my character came out. It soon became apparent that when bored I became destructive or would try and escape, walls 6 foot fences didn’t stop me and many a time Foster Mam had to throw herself into a hedge to retrieve me. The foster folk tried many things but it was Foster Dad that found the answer, running & swimming. I love to run and I love swimming in muddy water. Every day Foster Dad added in a run or a swim along with walks with the bulldoxer crew.

The time came and Foster Mam said I needed to be in my forever home, Foster Dad asked if I could stay but Foster Mam said no. My poster went up and applications came flooding in.

During this time I travelled around with Foster Mam & Dad to shows, I helped to promote The Edward Foundation and also explain to people about standard bulldogs and although I’m beautiful I’m not rare.

Applications closed and Foster Mam received a call from the big Boss lady De, to say Foster Dad was a nuisance and had applied for me…I knew he wouldn’t let me go. So I stayed put.

How quickly things change, I was scared at first, frightened, maybe I would be shut in or left on my own in the dark.

Fast forward 6 months and I’m a very different Frank with numerous names, Get Down Frank or Frank the Plank. I love life, people and generally causing mayhem, I love going to shows and helping myself to anything I fancy and I love my Mouldy.

Most of all I love my Mam & Dad.

Thank you EF for rescuing me despite my colour I’m still a bulldog at heart

The Edward Foundation works purely on donations, our vets bills last year were £75,000.00. We took in 179 bulldogs and rehomed 222, without continued support this wouldn't be possible, anything you could spare would be much appreciated.

If you would like to make a donation you can via


Just text giving: text TEFF13 WITH AN AMOUNT TO 70070

Check back on the 1st February to read the next story

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