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Rudi Welcomes in August

Rudi was handed over to The Edward Foundation on 16th October 2015 because she fell out with the other resident dogs in the household, despite her owners best efforts they realised she may be better off as an only dog.

Rudi was collected, assessed in foster and adopted by Claire & Mark Huthwaite, at first she was scared of everything. newspapers, brushes, coat hangers, phone chargers and loved to hide under the hedge.

Fast forward nearly 2 years Rudi is now a confident & happy girl, treated like a princess and is the boss of the Huthwaite house. Rudi gives the best stink eye, hates having nose balm on and will roll under the hedge to wipe it off, partial to a mad half hour most nights tearing round the house like a whippet doing the wall of death on the sofa. Her favourite thing is to be with her brother, Barker and is obsessed with cleaning his ears

Rudi is a regular at many EF events and enjoys raising awareness

The Edward Foundation works purely on donations, our vets bills last year were £75,000.00, to date we have rescued over 650 bulldogs and this number rises by the week. Without continued support from our supporters and volunteers this wouldn't be possible.

If you would like to donate and help many other dogs just like Rudi have a happy new life this would be very much appreciated.

You can donate via PayPal,


Just text TEFF13 with an amount to 70070

Thank you

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