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'King Edward RIP' on his Throne at the 1st Annual Bulldog Bonanza - Battlesbridge Showground Essex May 3rd 2015

All Our Rescue Bulldogs Go Home With 5wks Free Insurance From Agria 

The Edward Foundation was founded in March 2011 when a group of people on a Bulldog Owners Forum were made aware of a Bulldog who was being advertised at stud and later for sale on the internet. We could see from the advert photos that he was in a terrible condition. After receiving no help from reporting to the relevant authorities it was decided to raise the funds and get him out of a dire situation.


Once Edward (as we renamed him) was in our possession it was clear he had severe Demodex, was extremely thin and needed a lot of TLC. We handed him over to Bulldog Rescue, where they took much time and devotion to get Edward to full health. He was later rehomed and had several happy years before going to the Bridge. RIP Edward.


He inspired us to start this Foundation in his honour, to help the bulldogs at risk of abuse being and used as a commodity. But mainly now we help families who have to give up their beloved pets for whatever reason and simply want to know they're being rehomed sensibly and responsibly. We have helped over 2000 bulldogs find loving forever sofas. The Edward Foundation is run by De Randall, Samantha Williams and Marion Beardall (who runs Scotland) on a day to day basis and our Trustees are De Randall, Marion Beardall and Nicola Pillans. We rely totally on our wonderful volunteers that run our auction page & organising events & walks to raise funds which is a massive help. We also have a huge network of foster homes and volunteers that are available at the drop of a hat to help a bulldog in need. We cannot thank them enough for their time, their dedication and their kindness along with our loyal bunch of supporters without whom this Foundation could not exist. The Foundation is now well supported enough to require no help from any outside organisation. We cover all veterinary costs for each bulldog and have forged relationships with many trusted vets around the country that help us with any bulldog requiring medical attention. We work with other rescues [when asked] to take into foster care any bulldogs they may have come into their shelters. We are always available for help or advice on 07891138336 PLEASE DO NOT TEXT.


We were officially registered as a UK Charity on 30th September 2013.



We work solely on a donation basis. We are a Non-Profit Making Organisation

A video of one of our volunteers Melanie Tolley & her adopted bulldog Lottie being interviewed on TV about EF!!

A video by Allon Wechsler & his Team from the Bulldog Bonanza 2015 - If you love bulldogs you'll love this!!

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