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Bulldog Buddies Meet Up Pt4

Held in Stanley Park Blackpool on April 27th

Stanley Park Blackpool Meet Up

Photos courtesy of Simbull Photography

Justine Edg & Shirlie MacDonald

EF girl Evelyn (left) pictured with her new mum Justine, her new brother Bobby & EF volunteer Shirlie on her 1st Bully Walk after just 2 days in her new home.

               She was rescued from a dog pound & is now happy & loved.


East of England Bully Bumble

Held at Doggie World in Bedford on April 27th - Organised for us by Kirstie Andrews

Bully Bumble

EF rescues Odie & Wilma

Bully Bumble

EF Rescues Elvis & Teddy

Edward @ Buly Bumble

Guest of Honour - Edward!

Glasgow Bulldog Walk

Held at Tolcross park Glasgow on April 13th - Organised for us by Margaret Cassidy

Glasgow Bulldog Walk
Glasgow Bulldog Walk
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