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Fred from the shed

My name is Fred and I live in a shed, it’s a small shed made from wood. I don’t have a bed so I lay on the floor. I don’t know exactly how long I have been living in here, I have no concept of time, day or night, summer or winter but it’s been a very long time.

I haven’t always lived in a shed, I remember a long time ago when I was small living in a house with other dogs, I had food, water and a bed until someone came and took me away and now I am just Fred in the shed.

I hear voices and hope that they are coming to rescue me from this shed but they don’t they continue laughing, having fun and ignoring me. I can go for days without seeing anyone. When they come, I wag my tail hoping this will be the day a kind voice sets me free, but it isn’t. The light hurts my eyes so I sit and shy away from it but still wag my tail.

I have hope that one day someone will set me free.

No one speaks to me, I am invisible and thrown scraps to eat or given occasionally a tin of cheap dog food, I don’t care I will eat anything now. My water bowl is topped up but never washed out, it smells, the shed smells, I smell because I mess where I lay.

I itch so badly it hurts, my skin is dirty, crusty and smells so bad. Things are crawling all over me, making me itch and scratch but my nails are so long now I just tear holes in my skin

I dream of a warm fire, a bed, a kind voice, food, not to itch, smell and be clean, I want to run in the fields, play with other dogs and lay my head on a lap each night but the days roll into weeks and years no one comes, am I destined to live my life out in this shed?

It’s raining again, water is dripping through the holes in the shed but I cannot find a dry place to lay, the floor is wet from the rain dripping through the holes and where I’ve messed, its damp and the smell is awful. I am cold and wet, I cannot remember how it felt to be warm and dry with a full belly, please someone save me.

My cries go unheard, no one is interested I am destined to live my life out here

Wait there’s a voice, I don’t recognise this voice, it’s a lady, she is shining a light on me, I can’t see the light is blinding me.

She tells me her name is Kay and wants me to go with her, I want to go I really do but I haven’t been out of the shed. Do I go? I don’t know what to do, where does she want to take me? Is it another shed?

She strokes me, tells me everything is going to be alright, that I am safe now and The Edward Foundation will look after me forever.

To be continued……..

If you have enjoyed reading about Fred and would like to follow his journey and read about some of the other rescues or stories from our volunteers then look out for The EF book coming later this year.

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