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Jack was found wandering the streets of Liverpool in a terrible state mid way between two dogs home, fortunately he was taken to The Liverpool Dogs Home who telephoned Marion Beardall.

Marion went to visit Jack who was in a terrible condition, neglected, severely underweight, bald with skin issues, nails overly long, curling into feet, urine burns, pressure sores, damage to his feet, it was a very long list. He wasn't even a 'real' bulldog but despite that Marion knew he dog needed The Edward Foundation and did not walk away. Arrangements were made to pay his kennel fee's and Jack was collected and fostered by EF Volunteer Jan Massey.

During his time in foster Jack received the best medical treatment to help him recover from kennel cough, his sore skin, had a tumour removed, was neutered and slowly began to recover from his terrible life before.

Elspeth Spence expressed interest In Jack during his time in foster but didn't think she would be considered due to living on a tiny small Scottish island, the logistics of travel were enough let alone his health.

Elspeth followed his progress on the page, watching him grow stronger and tried not to get her hopes up as the date for his adoption drew closer.

Elspeth was totally unaware a mammoth RoadTrain by EF volunteers was in progress transporting Jack who eventually he arrived on a tiny Scottish Island, needless to say the surprise was overwhelming and she cried her eyes out!

Prince Jock (PJ as he is now known) took a little time to settle and find his sea legs. Coming from a large town he initially wasn't really a fan of the open spaces, trundling up hills and across heather or the poor weather but PJ soon found his place and is now a very healthy and happy boy. He now loves to trundle up hills and down dales whatever the weather and has the most amazing life.

The Edward Foundation works purely on donations, our vets bills last year were £75,000.00, we took in 179 bulldogs and rehomed 222. Without continued support from our supporters and volunteers this wouldn't be possible.

If you would like to donate and help many other dogs just like PJ this would be much appreciated.

You can donate via PayPal,


Just text TEFF13 with an amount to 70070

Thank you

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