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Mr December - Max

We were contacted by a distressed member of the public after she visited a property to view a dog.

A member of our team was shown a male (Max) and a bitch (Dirty Doris) in crates in which they could just about turn around in and only covered with a tarpaulin for shelter, there was no bedding or water. The dogs were filthy, and the bitch was just coming into season, Doris had a large length of chain round her neck for a collar and lead, Max had a filthy collar with a chain attached. A third dog (Daisy) was found in a cold storage trailer, pinned to the floor with fear and very cold, no bedding water or ventilation.

Max was collected by Rhiannon & Andy Manning who fostered him, he was initially given the name Mad Max because he sat in the car on the way home glaring at the Manning’s.

It soon became apparent Max was nothing more than a big dollop, a gentle boy that loves a fuss

Max was adopted on 2nd April 2016 by Lindsey Styles, her partner Gary and her two dogs. Max has since been joined by EF Twix (Asbo) and can be seen at many events in the South.

Daisy made a full recovery and is in her forever home as is Doris.

The Edward Foundation works purely on donations, our vets bills last year were £75,000.00, to date we have rescued over 740 bulldogs, this number rises by the week. Without continued support from our supporters and volunteers this wouldn't be possible.

If you would like to donate and help many other dogs just like Max have a happy new life this would be very much appreciated.

You can donate via PayPal,


Just text TEFF13 with an amount to 70070

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the dogs featured in our 2017 calendar and would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year

Thank you

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