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Happy Gotcha Day Mouldy

Bred and born in Hungary in a puppy farm destined to be a puppy machine Mouldy was imported in April 2014 at the age of 9 months old. How she got here no one really knows.

Mouldy was advertised on Gumtree in October 2015 as a breeding bitch, it was obvious from the photos she had cherry eyes and was in a very poor condition. The area was a very deprived part of inner city London, the photographs showed Mouldy tied up with another dog outside a flat.

Enquiries were made and Danny Zane met the sellers in a park in Islington London, they just handed him Mouldy on a choke lead and took the money.

At the time she was in an appalling state, her eyes so neglected she had limited vision, her body was covered in thick black tar like scabs where she had scratched herself so badly, wounds to her side which were thought to be a growths and or bites that had become infected. Her ears & skin were in a terrible state and it was though she was suffering from a bacterial infection.

It was thought she may have had puppies recently but this was later confirmed that she may have been pregnant but had not given birth to live puppies. Mouldy was totally hand shy and very subdued, no one knew at the time she was deaf.

After moving to Sarah so she could be near a specialist vet who operated on her eyes, removed the growth, flushed her ears out Mouldys character began to show.

Nicknamed EF’ing nuisance by Sarah for her antics Mouldy made everyone smile, hoarding shoes, make-up, borrowing sunglasses and even helping herself to 90.00, all were found buried in her nestie.

It became clear quiet soon that Mouldy would never be in the best of health due to her poor breeding and start in life, suffering from extreme allergies to food, environmental factors and conventional medicines, no immune system, organs not functioning properly and deaf. The decision was made to move her to the Manning’s for permanent adoption.

Mouldy is now 2 years and 4 months old, a very different dog to the one rescued, despite her failing health her character is strong, she has the most amazing temperament, has learnt sign language, takes fosters into her heart and nestie. She loves life but unfortunately life doesn’t love her.

We have no idea how long Mouldy will live for, we expect it to be a very short one but it will be one filled with love and knowing that she is safe.

Without The Edward Foundation Mouldy wouldn’t be alive today, destined to be a breeding bitch but then tossed aside when things started to go wrong, unfortunately it’s an all too common story.

The generosity and donations of our supporters and followers enabled us to save her and many others and for that we are grateful.

There are many other dogs just like Mouldy, poorly bred and destined to reproduce, if you would like to make a donation to help us to save more you can donate via;

or purchase a 2017 calendar, we work solely on a donation basis and are a Non-Profit Making Organisation

Whatever you can spare will help bulldogs in need.

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