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Hello February from Barry

My name is Barry and I was advertised on Gumtree for sale in December 2015 as a 12 week old puppy.

My pictures showed a little puppy with 2 cherry eyes, not a full bulldog but that didn’t matter to EF.

Sam Morris arranged to visit me with Lilm and Jane. The house I lived in was run down and dirty, I was so scared when Sam came, little did I know this was the first day of the rest of my life.

I was in such a poor state, scared and hand shy, my tail had been illegally docked to make me look more like a bulldog, both my eyes were bad, sore and needed operating on and it became apparent I was no more than 9 weeks old.

They decided they couldn’t walk away and leave, handing over a paltry £250 they took me away.

I was taken to a magical place called the Barratt house with a huge sofa and lots of bulldogs, Tracey & Richard promised to look after me and make me well. I struggled at first, stopped breathing while eating but with patience and a lot of love I grew stronger every day. I had Little Olly to play with and he taught me life was going to be good and fun. Without the Barratt’s care and dedication I wouldn’t be here today.

My time came to move on and although very sad, we had to say goodbye for now.

I went to stay with Sharon & Stacey who would be my forever family.

I’ve been here for just over 2 years now, seen a few fosters come and go, I’m still here and not planning on going anywhere. I’ve apparently matured into a big daft idiot, everyone loves me though.

Everyone remembers my antics, I’m such a clown at times and I’m waiting for Pets at Home to issue an ASBO, wasn’t my fault the grasshopper’s escaped.

2 years on I love life, eating ice creams, going to EF events and snogging everyone I meet.

Without EF and its supporters I wouldn’t be here today.

The Edward Foundation works purely on donations, our vets bills last year were £75,000.00. We took in 179 bulldogs and rehomed 222, without continued support this wouldn't be possible, anything you could spare would be much appreciated.

If you would like to make a donation you can via


Just text giving: text TEFF13 WITH AN AMOUNT TO 70070

Check back on the 1st March to read the next story

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